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Voice & Data Wiring

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Structured cabling is the foundation of a successful intelligent network and the basic investment on which both your voice and data equipment depend on. Now, more than ever, businesses need to focus on IT-basics, which start with the supporting infrastructure that bears the load and distributes your vital business information.

Businesses today expect their technology investment to impact their bottom line, increase sales, decrease operational costs, and improve product quality. Starting with a quality voice and data wiring cabling infrastructure is the foundation that makes this happen. Voice and Data wiring cabling is a key component of any communications and computer network system.

Structured cabling has the longest life cycle of any technology being purchased today, yet it only comprises 5% of the total network investment. The cost of network downtime continues to go up and poor cabling is the source 25% of the time. The value of investing in a quality cabling infrastructure is easy to justify when you consider the implications caused by network downtime.

The performance of a network infrastructure depends not only on the quality of its components, but more importantly on the quality of the cabling installation. Each and every voice and data network infrastructure is installed and tested by our trained and certified technicians using state of the art equipment. Our technicians constantly undergo ongoing training, keeping them up to date on the latest TIA / EIA methods and procedures to ensure your installation is always state of the art.

Thanks to our expertise, we can help our customers incorporate all of their data, voice and wireless applications into a common corporate design to maximize network and hardware efficiencies for successful deployment and utilization of their business resources.

We will help you determine which voice and data wiring / cabling solution is best for your business and IT operations, based on your current situation and also taking into consideration your future plans of growth or diversification. Whether you're building a new location or want to upgrade your existing infrastructure, Access Communications deploys the products and services needed to design and build IT infrastructures that will serve your existing and future strategic business needs.

Some of the Physical Infrastructure Technology Partners we work with include:

  • Berk-Tek
  • Hubbell
  • Panduit
  • Corning
  • Siemon
  • General Cable
  • Chatsworth

As a Cabling Contractor, we specializes in cost competitive network and data cabling solutions to fit any budget. We have the staff and necessary technical expertise, including BICSI RCDD's , to design and install a structured voice and data network solutions to meet your unique and particular need.

We provide the following Voice And Data Cabling / Wiring Solutions:

  • Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Cat 5 and Cat 6 Cabling
  • Data Cabling Installation
  • New Construction
  • Adds Moves and Changes
  • Tenant Improvement
  • Wireless Installation
  • Network and Data Cabling
  • VOIP and Control Systems

To have your new or existing office wired for data or voice, or to have your existing cabling inspected, repaired or maintained, contact Access Communications today!

Computer Network, Voice and Data Cabling / Wiring Design, Installation, and Maintenance

Category 5e/5E Cabling

Category 5e/5E wiring is designed to support IEEE 802.3, 1000 Base-T and other legacy LAN and voice applications. Our installations not only exceed TIA 568B.2 and ISO 11801 for Category 5e cabling systems, but are also capable of providing stable and continuous performance beyond 100 MHz. Category 5e/5E is the most common and inexpensive solution available today.

Category 6/6A Cabling

Category 6/6A wiring is relatively new are typically more expensive than traditional Category 5E cabling. Category 6/6A wiring is designed for companies and businesses that require the expanded bandwidth for advanced applications and large packet and file transfer speeds. Category 6/6A wiring stems are designed to support IEEE 802.3 1000-Base-T, TIA-854-A 1000-Base-TX, ATM Forum CBIG plus other legacy LAN Voice/Telephony and Video-BAS applications. Our installations meet or exceed Category 6/Class E Channel Specifications to 250 MHz and are capable of delivering Network speeds in excess of 1.2 Gbps to the workstation at 100 meters.

Category 6E/10X Cabling Systems

Category 6E/10X wiring is the most expensive solution on the market today! Category 6E/10X wiring is designed for customers with long range plans or that are investing in application assurance beyond today’s requirements. Category 6E/10X wiring is designed to support IEEE 802.3 10G-Base-T, 1000-Base-T TIA-854-A 1000- Base- TX, ATM Forum CB1G, and other LAN, Voice/Telephony and Video-BAS applications. Our installations meet or exceed draft Category 6A/Class E/A channel specifications to 500MHz as well as the latest TIA/EIA and ISO/IEC augmented Category 6/Class E/A requirements.

Fiber to the Desktop

In the past , Fiber to the Desktop was considered a high-end solution for businesses or companies with large budgets and extensive bandwidth requirements. Due to the increasing costs of Category 5 and 6 wiring and connectors the past few years, Fiber Optic to the desktop has become a viable option in today’s economy. In many cases, a Fiber to the desktop solution is a much better long-term investment than a Category 6E/10X wiring solution , with Fiber providing a much longer lifespan and almost unlimited bandwidth.

For more information about how we may help you with your telephone and computer voice and data wiring needs, Please call us at (904)208-5200 or email us at Access Communications.