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Network Management

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Access Communications has many customers and all types of businesses from all over the country that have trusted Access Communications to support, monitor and maintain their telephony equipment. Now we offer that same level of service to protect ENTIRE NETWORKS.

Access Communications network monitoring service is, premium support service designed to monitor and protect your entire voice and data infrastructure. This service allows your network to be monitored by multiple systems, ensuring that any problems that are encountered, anywhere throughout the network, are identified.

In the event of an incident, the monitoring system automatically triggers audible and visual alerts to Access Communications technicians and engineers in our Maintenance Operations Center or Manufacturer's Operations Center. The problems are then reviewed by the Access Communications & Manufacturer's technical team.

Network Monitoring provides comprehensive fault, performance and security monitoring, covering almost all makes and models of devices, operating systems and applications. We employ best practices for monitoring most infrastructure devices, including routers, switches, firewalls, as well as physical infrastructure devices like power, UPS systems, cooling, and other equipment.

Our unique deployment model allows you to take advantage of this proactive monitoring, with the installation of a single service at each site, you can take advantage of the full proactive and reactive features of our Monitoring services.

A Smarter Way To Protect Your Network

The business environment today is changing and IT executives are confronted by a range of security challenges. It is essential to understand each of these challenges in order to build an effective IT security infrastructure.

Opportunistic Predators: For many people, the most visible and alarming threats are the Internet-borne worms. These attacks, while not specifically targeting your organization and systems, cause widespread disruption to business processes.

Targeted Attacks: Targeted attacks are designed to compromise a specific organization with the goal of stealing intellectual property or disrupting business operations.

Regulatory Mandates: Government agencies are defining acceptable and unacceptable uses for corporate information and imposing penalties when organizations fail to adhere to these rules.

New Mobile Technologies: Mobile devices are an important part of the security spectrum and have changed how IT departments distinguish between trusted and un-trusted devices. The issues are growing more serious with the widespread use of wireless handheld devices such as Smart Phones and Blackberries.

The 5 C's Of Network Security

True network security architecture addresses these challenges by embedding advanced security technologies within the network infra-structure.

  • Continuity: A secure network provides uninterruptible and predictable business communication and includes the ability to withstand Denial of Service (DoS) attacks and adds self-protection mechanisms. Continuity is especially crucial for converged networks where a sustained attack could cause loss of both voice and data traffic.
  • Context: A secure network understands the context of packet flows traversing the infrastructure and how these flows relate to normal and expected behavior. With sophisticated contextual awareness, the network can recognize harmful traffic and make decisions to protect the business services it delivers.
  • Control: A secure network differentiates and controls the many traffic flows that traverse it, distinguishing between relevant business communications and malicious or unauthorized activities.
  • Compliance: Governments and regulatory agencies increasingly dictate the acceptable uses for corporate information. These rules impact how IT departments handle digital information and transactions.
  • Consolidation: Networks must be able to accommodate a diverse set of communications types and flows and also adapt to support the consolidation of applications, users and locations.

Access Communications offers a unique approach to enterprise networking that integrates advanced security and management features to automate control of the entire network infrastructure. Our solutions assure business continuity while aligning the infrastructure with the goals of your organization.

Access Communications and infrastructure solutions, has a proven approach to meeting your voice and data network needs.

Our start-to-finish solutions support all phases of your network lifecycle. Our service offerings include risk assessment, design, architecture and ongoing support.

Access Communications planning services prepare business and network managers to protect and restore vital communications and critical operations under any condition. Our experts provide risk analysis, continuity planning, procedure documentation, and ongoing support to help you assure network availability and avoid many outages. Unpreventable outages caused by human error, maliciousness, or natural disasters do happen, but with preparation and planning, you'll be confident that you can reduce the time it takes to recover.

Our disaster recovery solutions will help your organization:

  • Know exactly how you can rapidly re-route and restore critical communications technology and services that are required to keep the business running.
  • Rely on documented recovery plans and processes that define how to deal with personnel, vendors, and clients during a period of disruption or disaster.

Talk to your Access Communications Sales Representative about our monitoring services and enjoy 24x7 monitoring of your network infrastructure from partners and manufacturers that you can trust.