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Business Communications

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In today’s highly competitive business environment, companies face unique communications challenges. You're under constant pressure to remain competitive, provide the best customer service, lower operating costs, and improve the performance of your voice and data networks with limited staffing or capital resources.

Access Communications understands how critical voice and data services are to the success of your business. We deliver reliable and dependable services so you can work on growing your business while we take care of the technology.

We build solutions around your needs that make the best use of technology through our expertise, industry knowledge and our extensive network reach to help you with flexible and reliable solutions that can grow and adapt with your changing business requirements.

Whether you're trying to determine when to take advantage of the latest VoIP technologies, how to better secure your business network, or how to simplify and consolidate your voice and data networks, Access Communications can manage all of your voice and data communications needs so you can focus on running your business.

Business Voice Telephone Services

Reliable connectivity is crucial for your business's continued productivity and essential to your clients' satisfaction. Whether your business demands you being on the phone all day or just every now and then, you need a Business-Class reliable telephone service that provides you with local, long distance and International services and that works just like you do - 24/7/365.

Some of our most popular business voice telephone services are:

Analog POT Lines
Local and Long Distance T-1
Dynamic Allocation T-1
SIP Trunking
Emergency Business Continuation Routing
Hosted PBX / VoIP
Inter / Intra State Outbound Long Distance
International Long Distance
Inbound Toll Free Long Distance Services

Business Internet & Data Services

Regardless if your business operates locally or has offices and customers across the country or the world, your business relies heavily on staying connected with vendors, partners and customers. Access Communications offers business internet and data services that offers your business reliable Internet service and private data networking.

Wide-area data internet networking solutions allows your business to customize your network to meet your unique business demands and give you the competitive edge that will distinguish your company the marketplace. Your business can cost-effectively leverage existing technology and infrastructure to communicate with customers, partners, employees and suppliers anywhere in the world, while keeping you connected at all times while receiving the highest data networking speeds possible and the Business-Class Reliability you require.

Some of our most popular business Internet and data services are:

DSL / Cable Broadband
Dedicated Internet Port
Data / Internet T1/DS-1
Data / Internet T3/DS-3
Dynamic Allocation T-1
MPLS / VPN Service / QoS
Metro Ethernet
SIP Trunking
Managed IP Communications

Hosted Services

Hosted services are the fastest growing segment of the telecommunications industry. More and more companies each day are embracing the many benefits of hosted , or in the cloud services. Geographically dispersed workforces are the norm in the new economy, making the challenge of working together with colleagues, suppliers, and customers increasingly difficult.

Access Communications Hosted Services provides a state-of-the-art reliable and inexpensive way to bring together your customers, co-workers and business partners. With our hosted services, there is never any equipment to buy or lease. No maintenance contracts or fees for account changes. It works no matter where you are. And its always there when you need it, giving you access to the business communications tools you need in order to succeed in today’s fast paced competitive business environment.

Some of our most popular Hosted Solutions Services Include:

Hosted PBX / VoIP
Business Conference Call